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Our Red Barn Response to the Coronavirus

As we watch the world process the gravity of the new health threat of the Coronavirus, we found it necessary to explain what we are doing to protect each guest, and even our housekeeper! But we can't discuss this without saying "Even Though..."

EVEN THOUGH the Red Barn Happy House sits in the beautiful Upper Ojai valley just under the mountains, halfway in between two cities—15 minutes to Ojai and 15 minutes to Santa Paula...

and EVEN THOUGH the Red Barn Happy House guests can easily practice their own "social distancing" away from people and crowds and germs by enjoying our clean fresh mountain air...

and EVEN THOUGH the Red Barn Happy House can be considered an ESCAPE from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life (where all the germs seem to be) ...


We would like to assure our future guests that we are heightening our cleaning and disinfecting procedures and precautions to keep our sweet little Red Barn as germ free as possible. Why?

Well, our family has some germaphobes in it. 😊 We understand germs. And, my family accuses me of being a perfectionist. Perfectionists don't do germs. So, along with the regular cleaning regime we've always done—which includes the obvious—

• wash/clean every single surface ... then,

• disinfect all doorknobs, drawer pulls, toilet flusher, faucet handles, remotes, and light switches.

• offer extra towels, tissue, paper towels, hand soap, & hand sanitizer

— we just started cleaning the air of toxins using two Hepa filter machines that our guests with allergies will greatly appreciate. You can be sure that the air inside the red barn will be thoroughly clean when you check in. We're running the machine just after guests check out, and just before new guests check in.

And yes, we do understand that these machines are not effective in eliminating viruses like the Coronavirus, so we are encouraging our guests to wash their hands well, and to please let us know if they are feeling under the weather so we can take more extreme measures in fixing up the barn for our next guests. But we are confident that an escape to our fresh mountain air location away from the crowds would be just what the doctor would order under the circumstances.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Escape now to the Red Barn! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

ps.... we have toilet paper! 😊

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