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Coming Soon: Big Announcement for Future Guests

There are many, many things a host would love to explain to their guests when they arrive at their AirBnB. Many. As hosts, we want our guests to enjoy our space as much as possible, and the little tips and special tricks are some of the things they just might not discover on their own. So, we usually try to explain all of this in a message, or just hope they will somehow stumble on them. It really is a struggle since we want them to maximize their experience in the short time they're here, which will then maximize their enjoyment and aid in better reviews and a possible return in the future.

But since the Red Barn is a self-check-in vacation rental, (meaning, guests don't have to make a special appointment with me to obtain a key), we don't have the opportunity to "show them around," and to explain all the fun (or practical) suggestions to help make their stay more enjoyable. Our guests receive a 6 digit self check-in code the night before they come, so they can be as independent as possible during their stay. To me, this is a wonderful amenity in itself, as most people would rather be on their own, but this can be a drawback, as well. So what's the solution?

Well, we are excited to announce the launch of a series of short instructional videos on the password protected GUEST tab of our website that will give instruction on how to use some special items at the barn. The videos will be very short, just enough to show guests how to use things, where to find things, etc. It will be a work in progress—videos will be added incrementally, as the barn is booked solid for a while and hard to access for projects like this. Hoping the first few videos will be on the site within the next week or so.

Thank you for being curious enough to read this announcement! We're doing everything we can to improve the Red Barn Happy House for our future guests. ❤️


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