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What's With the Name?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Many people have asked how our cottage got its name. The Red Barn Happy House. What in the world? Well, there's a story behind most crazy names, and we have one. Here's ours.

Meet Grandma Marion. God blessed me with the most amazing Grandma ever. She was such a wonderful lady, a hard worker, ever so kind to everyone she met, crocheting blankets for anyone who needed something warm & soft to cuddle. She also made meals for people who lost loved ones, who were sick, or who were hurting in some way—despite this being financially difficult for her. She did it because she loved people, and loved blessing them with her time and talent God had given her. What a beautiful example this was to all of us.

picture of Grandma Marion

Grandma Marion lived about six or seven hours from our family, so we talked with her a lot on the phone. She was always so interested in everything we were involved in, and would listen to our stories and cheer us on as we were growing up. We loved hearing from her as much as she loved it when we would pick up the phone and give her a call. But what we remember most is how she answered the phone...

I can still hear it. Her sweet little voice would answer, "Red Barn Happy House!" whenever we would call. It always brought a smile to our faces, and still does today. I honestly don't think I ever heard her answer, "Hello?" in my life. This is definitely one of my favorite memories of this sweet little lady who loved her family so much.

So in her honor, we have appropriately named our place the Red Barn Happy Housea throwback to a dear sweet woman whom I would give anything to talk with one more time. She would have loved this place. ❤️ 💕 💝


....more Red Barn history will be coming up on the barn blog, along with some interviews of local businesses and attractions you can visit and be a part of when you stay at the Barn! Stay tuned...

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