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SUPER HOST! We did it! ❤️

The ever coveted award of SUPER HOST has been given to us today from AirBnB!

We have worked so very hard for this—keeping up on all of our communication, getting ten reservations before April 1st, and maintaining a 5 STAR review average. Got a little dicey when the pandemic hit and we started getting many cancellations, but we made it!

Thank you so much, to all of our recent guests who helped boost us towards our goal of receiving this award! We opened January 17th and had every single weekend booked, which helped us make their deadline.

And yes, this is a little sobering considering the circumstances we all are in as AirBnB hosts. Unsure of

when we will arrive at a new normal and will be able to re-open our calendar, but when we do, we will be excited to continue our 5 Star hospitality and maintain our Super Host status. In the meantime, we are honoring reservations from those who still want to come (mostly in June), and will continue to offer full refunds for those who wish to cancel.

Stay safe. Give extra love to your friends and family during this time. And come visit us when this is over!



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